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Use Discount Code 3RTECH to get 10% off your first order! -- Questions? Call (206) 582-7100 or
Use Discount Code 3RTECH to get 10% off your first order! -- Questions? Call (206) 582-7100 or

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I cancel my order once it has been placed?
If you contact us before the order has shipped it can be canceled.

What is a Microsoft Registered Refurbisher?
Being a Microsoft Registered Refurbisher ensures that your systems have genuine Microsoft software, configured correctly and installed following standards set by Microsoft.

Do the Products from 3R Technology look "refurbished"?
Our products are visually and diagnostically inspected to ensure the highest quality standards and reliability. Our refurbished products may have some observable cosmetic imperfections, but they will not affect the performance.

What does "No O/S" or "No operating system" mean?
Some of our product doesn't include a operating system and will be labeled as "No O/S". This means the hard drive is wiped and no operating system is installed. The most common operating system is Microsoft Windows, however this option provides you the capability to install the operating system of your choice.

Does my system come with wireless capability?
Laptop computers come with WiFi capability installed for easy connection to your Internet provider. Desktop computers generally don't have a WiFi card installed and you'll have to add one to connect via wireless.

The item I am looking at only says it has a DVD-ROM. Will I still be able to use regular CD’s with it?
Yes. However, our items that include a DVD-ROM drive or CDRW do not ship with software to play DVD movies or write to CDs.

Can I customize / upgrade the system I am interested in?
To help keep our costs low, all products in our store catalog are pre-configured and can not be modified. Please contact us for special orders.

What disks or CDs are included?
No disks are included.

Do manuals come with the computer?
No. Manuals do not come in the box.

Does 3R Technology ship internationally?
Yes. 3R Technology can export your fully functional computers to any destination in the world. There will be additional costs. Contact us for details.